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How To Bet On Darts Betting: Tips and Tricks for Success

How To Bet On Darts Betting

Darts is a sportsbook classic that’s grown from a pub staple to a serious sport. With fierce competition, thrilling twists and turns, and talented players, it’s no surprise that punters across the UK chose this as their favourite sports betting category. 

However, to join the fun, you need to know the basics and expert-approved tips and tricks. In this blog, you’ll find a how to bet on darts guide plus the inside scoop for successful wagers. Ready? Let’s dive in.

The Darts Betting Basics

So, you want to know how to bet on darts. If you’re completely new, you should start with the basics. This includes the type of bets available, how to research, and standard tournament formats. Here’s a quick insight into each vital topic:

Popular Darts Bets

You can’t make a bet if you don’t understand the wagers. So, before signing up for a non-GamStop sportsbook, take a minute to familiarise yourself with the top bets.

  • Match winner – The most straightforward bet and the best place to start is with the match winner. This only looks at which player is more likely to win the match.
  • Total legs or sets – Totals are popular across many sports, and in darts, they focus on the total number of sets or legs in one match. Bookies will set a line, and you’ll have to guess whether the sets or legs will be above or below the prediction.
  • Handicap betting – Another sports betting classic, handicap betting, evens the playing field by giving one player an advantage or disadvantage. For example, a strong player might have a 1.5-leg handicap. To bet on them and win, they need to win at least two legs for a payout.
  • Most 180s – You can also bet on which player you think will score the most 180s (maximum scores) throughout the game. This is most popular when watching two players known for their accurate scoring ability.
  • Correct score – Finally, you can also wager on the final score prediction. This is a riskier bet as you need to be very accurate. However, if correct, the payouts are significant.

Factors to Research When Betting on Darts

Research and analysis are critical for any sports betting. From darts to football not on GamStop, you need to do your due diligence to ensure your bets are well-informed and less open to risk. 

In darts, the top factors you should consider are:

  • Recent player form
  • Player rivalries
  • Long-term trends
  • Injuries and health
  • Playing style
  • Psychological factors (e.g. confidence and motivations)

You should also stay updated with the latest darts news and updates. This way, you’ll have real-time information to help with your wagers.

Darts Tournament Formats

The last basic thing you must know is how standard darts tournament formats work. The three most common darts tournaments include knockouts, combinations, and round robins. 

For knockout tournaments, players compete in single-elimination matches. If you lose a match, you’re out!

In round-robin tournaments, players compete against each other in a group and only the top scorers advance onwards.

Combination formats use a mix of round-robin play and knockout rounds. They typically start with group competitions and move on to a knockout format with higher stakes. 

Understanding Darts Odds

Next, when learning how to bet on darts, you must understand how the odds work. Since darts are popular in the UK, most sportsbooks show the odds in a fractional (British) style. However, you can find decimal (European) darts odds on a few international or independent sportsbooks.

Fractional odds show probability with slashes (/). The first number shows the potential payout, and the second shows the needed stake. 

For example, 6/1 odds show you’ll win £6 for every £1 you wager. If you wager £15, you’ll win £90. Working out your potential winnings before you bet on darts is good practice, as this helps with responsible bankroll management.

Top Strategies for Darts Betting

Now you know the basics for betting on darts, it’s time to use a strategy to increase your chances of winning. Most bettors take elements of each popular strategy to create a personalised approach. 

Here are some common strategies for beginner’s darts betting:

  • Focus on players you know – By focusing on familiar players, you won’t need to do extensive research or bet on the unknown. This utilises your knowledge strengths and helps you make informed decisions.
  • Bet on valuable markets – Depending on skills, betting on some markets might be easier than others. For example, you might have a knack for total legs over predicting the outright match winner. Some market odds may even offer better value, so look around before confirming your bet slip.
  • Use live betting – Pre-match betting isn’t your only option. Live betting offers a more dynamic experience where you can adapt your wagers to the action as it unfolds. 

Mistakes to Avoid in Darts Betting

Knowing how to bet on darts is more than understanding the basics. You should also know what not to do! Our experts have rounded up the most common darts betting slips to ensure you confidently approach the sportsbook or offshore bookies.

1. Chasing Losses

Regardless of which sport you’re betting on, chasing losses is a sure way to put yourself at risk. Spending more or placing extra bets after a string of losses won’t help you regain your cash. It leaves you more likely to lose more.

Instead, you should continue placing consistent bets or take a break from betting and approach the sportsbook with a calm mind.

2. Neglecting Research

Research is the number one tip we’d give any punter, so it bears repeating. Without research and analysis, you’re basing your darts bet on pure luck. While sports can be unpredictable, you always stand in better stead when you’ve looked at the relevant factors.

3. Overlooking Playing Style

Professional darts players have unique playing styles. So, ignoring these will put your wagers at a disadvantage. Examples of playing styles include precision finishers, power scorers, and counterpunchers.

4. Not Setting A Budget

Setting a budget (or bankroll) is another critical step for success. This helps you manage your finances, minimise risks, and create a balanced strategy. If you don’t, you’re more likely to overspend on wagers that could leave you with unpleasant financial impacts.

5. Placing Inconsistent Wagers

Alongside managing your money, you should also make an effort to build a consistent betting strategy. A steady stream of equally sized bets will provide more stable returns than a strategy without rhyme or reason!

Finding the Best Darts Betting Sites

When you’re feeling ready and raring to go, all you need to do is find a reliable darts betting site. Unfortunately, this is often harder than it seems, as there are plenty of bad actors online offering low-quality services on unsafe domains. 

But if you know what you’re looking for, choosing a darts betting site is a dream. Here are the top factors to check when scouting sportsbooks:

  • Legitimate licences (e.g. Curacao eGaming or UKGC)
  • Availability of darts betting
  • Valid payment methods
  • 24/7 customer support
  • SSL encryption and site safety features
  • High-value bonuses and promotions
  • Positive expert reviews

If you consider these, finding a sportsbook will be quick and easy! And if any website doesn’t feel right, simply discard it and move on.

Maximising Your Darts Betting Experience

Want to take your experience to the next level? 

Once you know how to bet on darts, you can take the experience up a notch by subscribing to the latest darts news and stories. Outlets like BBC Sport offer expert analysis and cutting-edge news all enthusiasts will enjoy. This is a great way to boost your knowledge and immerse yourself in the community.

Other ways to maximise your experience include looking for sportsbooks that meet your personal needs. For example, if you want to skip KYC checks, you can find betting sites without ID verification so you can start betting quickly.

Darts Betting Glossary

You might need to brush up on a few common darts terms if you’re completely new to the draft scene. Here’s a mini glossary to help you learn the lingo:

  • Leg – A single game within a darts match. Within a leg, players must compete to reach a specific number of points. These usually start from 501, and points are subtracted with each throw.
  • Set – A collection of legs within one match. A match usually consists of the best of three, five, or seven sets. 
  • Maximum (180) – A maximum (or 180) is the highest score you can achieve in a single turn with three darts. This is done by hitting three treble 20s. 
  • Checkout – Refers to the final throws needed to win a leg.
  • Bullseye – The name for the centre of the dartboard, which is worth 50 points. Bullseyes are usually used to finish a set or leg.

How to Bet on Darts – The Bottom Line

So, there you have it! Learning how to bet on darts is the first step towards enjoying the sport even more. If you’re new to the game, make an effort to research the upcoming matches as much as possible and start your career with small wagers. If in doubt, return to this page to improve your knowledge.
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