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How To Bet on Golf Betting: Tips and Strategies

How To Bet On Golf Betting

From the U.S. Open to The Masters, professional golf continually brings viewers top talent, fierce competition, and exciting tournaments. This sport has been a public favourite for years and won’t change anytime soon. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to learn how to bet on golf to take your viewing experience to the next level. 

In this guide, we’ll cover golf betting basics, mistakes you must avoid, how to read the odds, and much more. Ready? Get your pen out and start taking notes. Let’s begin.

Golf Betting Basics

Before you learn the nitty-gritty details of how to bet on golf tournaments, you need to quickly cover the basics. If you follow the sport, you might already know these details. But give them a quick read in case there’s something new!

The aim of golf betting is to predict the overall outcome of a tournament, specific matchups within tournaments, or to bet on more minor details within matches. 

Successful golf betting requires thorough research and analysis, as you need to know as much as possible to predict an accurate result. So, settle in and flex your golf muscles. Keep track of the latest games and last-minute news to ensure you’re setting yourself up for a win.

Popular Golf Bets

Knowing the different types of golf bets is also an important basic. To help you get familiar with golf wagers, we’ve gathered the top bets all beginners should know. 

  • Tournament winner – The most popular golf bet is where you pick the golfer to win the whole tournament. This is known as a win-way bet in other sports.
  • Each-way betting – Each-way bets allow you to wager on a golfer to win the tournament or finish in a specified place (e.g., top five or ten). These wagers have a higher success rate but lower odds. 
  • Prop bets – Prop (or proposition bets) look at specific details within a tournament and even include novelty wagers. Common prop options in golf include who will lead after the first round or which player will score a hole-in-one.
  • Matchup betting – Rather than betting on the tournament results, you can wager on individual golfer matchups. You win the wager if your selected golfer performs better than their opponent in a round or tournament.
  • Live betting – Alongside pre-tournament betting, you can engage in live betting to access dynamic odds and to react to events in real time.

Understanding Golf Odds

The next step in learning how to bet on golf online is breaking down the odds. The type of odds you’ll face depends on where you’re based. UK bookies use fractional odds, European sportsbooks use decimal odds, and US-based betting sites use moneyline odds. 

Any golf odds represent the likelihood of a player winning a tournament or an outcome happening successfully. We’ll take the UK system as an example. Fractional odds are shown with a slash (/) and show the ratio of profit to the bet’s stake.

For example, 7/1 odds show you can win £7 for every £1 wager. Your initial stake is added to this. 

Learn more about how betting odds work here.

Researching Golf Tournaments

You can’t place an accurate wager if you don’t know what affects golf outcomes. Here are the critical topics to research when preparing to place your bet.

  • Weather conditions – The weather affects golf more than other sports. Check for wind, rain, and extreme temperatures, as these can affect ball flight, player performance, and the green’s receptiveness. 
  • Player form and experience – Look at each player’s recent performances, long-term trends, and individual strengths. 
  • Course characteristics – Golf courses greatly influence a golfer’s success. Look for course lengths, layouts, and unique design features.
  • Player rivalries – Long-term player rivalries sometimes lead to extra fierce tournaments. Consider past matchups for extra insights into the player head-to-head pairings. 
  • Health and injuries – Players coming back from injuries might be weaker or out of practice. 

Use these key research categories to start forming your wagers. The more you research, the better you’ll understand the game and the quicker the process will become. After all, practice makes perfect!

Top Golf Betting Strategies

Alongside understanding the odds and how to research, when you’re learning how to bet on golf tournaments, you should explore common betting strategies. Find three standard strategies you can use on sportsbooks and non-GamStop betting sites.

1. Value Betting 

Value betting is a popular strategy across most popular sports. With this technique, you look for betting odds that underestimate a specific golfer’s abilities to perform. You’re basically looking for underdogs who will likely overperform. Of course, you must do lots of research and analysis to back up your decisions.

2. In-Play Betting

If you want the chance to react to events as they happen, live or in-play betting is a good strategy. This allows you to monitor player performances, respond to surprise events, and cash out mid-tournament to minimise risk. 

3. Late Betting

Placing wagers closer to the start of the tournament means you can analyse the last-minute course conditions, weather forecast, and player form. Some punters prefer getting their bets in early to snatch up valuable odds. However, waiting until the event can give you clearer insights.

Managing Your Golf Betting Bankroll

For a successful golf betting experience, bankroll management should be one of your priorities. In betting, your bankroll is your betting budget – the amount you can afford to spend on the sportsbook or independent bookies.

Good bankroll management includes the following practices:

  • Using the unit system
  • Continually reviewing your spending and performance
  • Tracking the results of your bets
  • Using a staking plan
  • Setting financial limits
  • Taking frequent breaks from betting

Managing your bankroll aims to protect your finances, minimise risk, and develop a responsible attitude towards gambling. Before you confirm your slip, take a second to consider your bankroll!

Golf Betting Mistakes To Avoid

Now you know how to bet on golf tournaments online, it’s time to turn our attention to the common betting errors. It’s easy to accidentally make these mistakes. So, arm yourself against them before you start betting.

1. Overlooking Research

Yes, we keep mentioning research and analysis. But they’re too critical to forget. If you don’t do your due diligence, you might miss important information and accidentally place a dud bet. Whether you wager in-person, on a UK betting site, or with an offshore bookmaker, always do your research.

2. Following The Hype

In golf, there are always favourites, and you shouldn’t ignore these. However, don’t let yourself get swayed by the hype. Take a critical view before you side with the buzz.

3. Neglecting Bankroll Management

Bankroll management minimises risk and helps you keep track of how your bets perform. Overlooking this can lead to more losses and financial instability. 

4. Chasing Losses

UK punters between the ages of 35 and 44 years are the most likely to experience problem gambling behaviours, and one common aspect of this behaviour is chasing losses. This is where you spend more to recoup previous losses. 

Instead of upping stake sizes or frequencies, keep your bets small and consistent – or take a break altogether.

5. Betting Based On Past Success

Some players might have a star-studded career, but you shouldn’t base your bets solely on past success. Previous wins are only a tiny piece of the puzzle. Consider other factors before you wager.

Finding the Best Golf Betting Sites

If you’re learning how to bet on golf online, you’ll need to know where to wager. Most prominent sportsbooks offer golf betting, and you should always check whether this is available before signing up. 

Here are some other signs of a reputable online sportsbook:

  • A valid licence (e.g. from the UKGC, MGA, or Curacao)
  • Lots of valid payment options
  • Wide choice of sports and markets
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Safe website features (e.g. SSL encryption)
  • Positive player and expert reviews

If you use these points as a checklist, you’ll have no trouble finding a trustworthy golf betting site.

Golf Betting Tips From the Pros

Feeling ready to hit the sportsbook? Before you go, note these final golf betting tips from our team of professionals.

1. Prioritise Responsible Betting

No matter whether you’re betting on golf or non-GamStop football, betting responsibly should be your first priority. 

2. Monitor Tee Times

Many bettors overlook tee times. However, these are critical, especially in multi-round tournaments. Early tee times tend to have better course conditions and better scoring opportunities. 

3. Follow Golf News

Staying up-to-date with the latest golf news will improve your overall understanding and strategy. BBC Sport and ESPN are popular outlets for professional golf news.

4. Familiarise Yourself With Tournament Dynamics

Each golf tournament is different, so take time to learn about its dynamics before it begins. Top variations include playoff formats, cut rules, and course rotation. 

5. Learn About Course Differences

Finally, you should also dedicate some time to studying different courses. For example, parkland courses and links courses provide completely different playing conditions. You may also want to see where the current golfers perform best.

How To Bet On Golf Tournaments – Final Thoughts

Understanding the lay of the land is vital in golf betting. But with an expert guide, you’ll be on your way to a successful bet in no time. Bookmark this blog to ensure you can come back and revise your skills as needed. 
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