How To Get Around GamStop - Safe Ways To Bypass GamStop Self-Exclusion

Last updated: 12/07/2024
How To Get Around GamStop

You’re reading this guide because you want to know how to get around self-exclusion restrictions imposed by GamStop. Like many punters, you joined the scheme with good intentions. You need a break, so you signed up, not realising that it would block you from joining hundreds of sites for many months or years.

Being on GamStop can be beneficial, but it may also lead to frustrations that cause you to make dangerous decisions. We don’t want you to do anything stupid, which is why we’ve collected as much information as possible on how to get around GamStop. Keep reading and you’ll learn the correct ways to get around GamStop, along with some tactics to avoid at all costs.

See The Full List Of Gambling Sites That Get Around Gamstop

  • 1
    DonBet Bookmaker
    DonBet Bookmaker
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    JokaBet Betting Site
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    • Not Connected With GamStop
  • 3
    GoldenBet Bookie
    GoldenBet Bookie
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    • Not Regulated By GamStop
  • 4
    Nine Win Betting Site
    Nine Win Betting Site
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    • Forgoes GamStop Programme
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    Rolletto Sportsbook
    Rolletto Sportsbook
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    • No GamStop Limitations
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    King Hills Betting Site
    King Hills Betting Site
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    • Verified Curacao Licence
    • Not Part Of The GamStop Database
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    Bounty Reels Online Bookie
    Bounty Reels Online Bookie
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    • Exceptional Sports Betting Deals
    • Independent From GamStop Scheme
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    Golden Mister Betting Site
    Golden Mister Betting Site
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    • Not Affected By GamStop

An Overview Of Trusted Ways Around GamStop

Since its launch in 2018, over 400,000 UK punters have registered with GamStop. This figure grows every month, meaning many bettors are also stuck on this scheme for years. Thankfully, getting around GamStop isn’t as hard as it seems. This section of our guide will provide in-depth tips on how to get past GamStop without breaking any rules or doing anything potentially threatening. 

✅ Number of ways around GamStop7
🦺 Safest way to skip GamStopJoin trusted sites not on GamStop
🇬🇧 Successful for British puntersYes
🙏 Trusted sites not on GamStopRolletto, GoldenBet, Plexian, DonBet, Very Well & More

All of the methods below will help you avoid GamStop as safely as possible. They’re 100% effective and any UK punter can try them. Pick whichever idea appeals to you the most and you’ll soon get past GamStop with ease! 

Join Non-GamStop Betting Sites & Casinos ✔️

There are hundreds of UK online casinos not on GamStop accepting UK punters. These casinos are not registered with the self-exclusion program, which means they don’t block any members of the scheme. 

The same can be said of UK betting sites not linked to GamStop, only these operators are dedicated to sports betting. Like non-GamStop casinos, they will let you gamble freely while your self-exclusion expires. There’s no need to create a false profile as your details won’t be checked when you join. 

Find Gambling Sites Not Registered In The UK ✔️

Another solution for how to avoid GamStop is to approach non-UK licensed casinos. These sites have no connection to the UKGC, which is the governing body overseeing all British casinos and betting sites. It created the GamStop scheme and forced all UK gambling sites to join it. 

Therefore, joining sites outside the UK will mean you’re choosing operators that have no legal obligation to be GamStop members. Once again, you can gamble freely with no barriers in your way. 

Locate Casinos With No Verification Requirements ✔️

GamStop blocking works as it recognises your information when you try to join partnered online casinos or betting sites. As a consequence, if you look for no ID verification casinos, you can join sites that won’t make you upload any identity documents when joining. This means no checks are carried out, so you’re cleared to play. 

Register At Betting Sites Accepting Cryptocurrency ✔️

Cryptocurrency casinos offer a unique idea for how to beat GamStop. Making crypto payments is completely secure and anonymous. If you gamble using cryptocurrency, there’s technically no link back to you or your bank accounts. The sites won’t know it’s you, so there won’t be any issues relating to GamStop. 

Gamble Offline At Traditional Casinos ✔️

It’s noted on the official website that GamStop only prevents you from accessing online gambling websites and apps. If you went to your local offline casino, nobody would stop you from gambling! This is a fun way to enjoy live games not on GamStop, though we appreciate it’s not always the most convenient solution. 

Use A Friend’s Gambling Account ✔️

If you have a friend who’s willing to share their details with you, then you could use their account to gamble. It depends on how friendly they are and if they let you use the account often. In truth, we see this as a “last resort” method of how to gamble with GamStop. It will work, but it’s not the best idea out of the ones we’ve listed. 

Cancel GamStop When Your Exclusion Period Ends ✔️

We know all of you are keen to know how to cancel GamStop, and there’s good and bad news. 

The good news is that GamStop can be cancelled. The bad news is that this can only be done once your self-exclusion period ends. You must contact GamStop to be removed from its register and this will make it possible to join online casinos and betting sites again. Fail to cancel GamStop even after the exclusion runs out and it could reactivate by itself.

Tips For Finding Casinos Not Registered With GamStop

Make Sure The Provider Isn’t Registered With The UKGC 

It’s crucial to only join offshore online casinos if you want to get around GamStop. Any site registered with the UKGC has to join the scheme. If it doesn’t, then it’s technically an illegal website and you should stay far away. 

Check That The Site Provides All The Games You Enjoy

Some casinos will only provide a small selection of games not under GamStop. Depending on your gaming preferences, it’s wise to hunt down operators that offer the games you play. Luckily, there is a broad range of games available across a myriad of sites, including: 

  • Online Slots – Most providers will specialise in slots not on GamStop and offer thousands of titles from epic game developers. 
  • Online Bingo – British bingo sites are covered by the self-exclusion scheme, so be sure you look for bingo not on GamStop if this is your favourite game genre. 
  • Online Poker – You will find lots of poker not on GamStop, but keep an eye out to see which operators offer live poker tables as well. 
  • Lottery Draws – The National Lottery’s main games aren’t covered by GamStop, but its instant-win offerings are. So, if you like instant-win lottery draws, search for sites with the lottery not on GamStop.
  • Slingo – This is a new game that’s gaining popularity as it combines bingo and slots. We must say that Slingo not on GamStop is rare, so do plenty of research if you want to find the ideal site. 
  • Scratch Cards – Believe it or not scratch cards are covered by GamStop. Dozens of sites provide scratch cards not on GamStop, so you can still scratch away for big wins. 
  • Online Roulette – One of the most popular casino games, roulette not on GamStop is widely available in digital form and at many live tables. 

Ensure The Casino Is Completely Legit

You must only join trusted casinos not on GamStop that can prove their legitimacy. Look for information about owners or licences and check reviews before joining. We’ve got countless reviews for you to read through if you need help deciding which sites are safe. 

Be Sure The Site Accepts UK Punters

We know getting around GamStop is a priority for you, but you must check that the non-GamStop casino sites accept UK players. If they don’t, then you’ve no way of joining without breaking a few rules – and nobody wants that to happen.

The Benefits & Drawbacks Of How To Bypass GamStop

It would be remiss of us to not go through the pros and cons of how to gamble while on GamStop. Yes, it’s incredibly frustrating to have your gambling habits constricted by a scheme – especially if you didn’t realise it was so strict or forgot to cancel in the past. 

Nevertheless, choosing to get around GamStop is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Make certain that it’s the right thing to do by seeing the benefits and drawbacks listed below. 

Gamble Without Waiting For GamStop To End ✅

The whole purpose of finding out how to get around self-exclusion GamStop restrictions is to avoid waiting for your expulsion period to expire. Some people are stuck on GamStop for up to 5 years, yet getting around GamStop lets you gamble without waiting this long. 

Find A Host Of Fun New Sites To Join ✅

What if being blocked from traditional British casinos was secretly a good thing? GamStop may be a blessing in disguise as it encourages you to look for new non-GamStop casinos that you’ve never seen before. Join loads of fresh sites and get a plethora of welcome bonuses in your back pocket while you’re at it. 

Use Credit Cards To Bet Again ✅

As you’re all aware, credit cards are illegal at all betting institutions in the UK. However, all of the ways to break free of GamStop will point you towards casinos that accept credit cards. You can gamble with Mastercard and Visa credit cards like the good old days. 

Try Independent Casinos With Unique Features ✅

There’s a certain joy to using independent online casinos as they come with innovative features and perks. Many will have cool loyalty schemes while others have affiliate programs that give you free bonus money. There are many things to explore and experience that you won’t find at traditional sites. 

More Risk Of Falling Back Into Bad Habits ❌

It stands to reason that figuring out how to play when on GamStop puts you at a greater risk of slipping back into bad habits. You joined the program to curb problem gambling, so make sure you’re 100% ready to return before trying any casinos not covered by GamStop. 

Some Sites Don’t Accept British Currency ❌

You won’t always be allowed to bet using British currency when gambling outside GamStop. Some sites will only accept EUR, USD or RUB. It’s not the biggest problem in the world, but it will mean that your deposits and withdrawals incur conversion fees. 

Possibility Of Making Your Debt Worse ❌

Many punters join GamStop when they’re in gambling debt and need time to get out of it. If this applies to you, learning how to skip GamStop might not be the right choice. It can open the door to more debt and make it harder to get out of this situation. We strongly recommend checking out StepChange if you are suffering from debt. It’s a charity providing free debt advice to get you back on track. 

The Wrong Ways To Get Around GamStop – Avoid These Methods!

Before we conclude this article, we’d like to talk about the wrong ways to play while on GamStop. Some sites and people recommend the following strategies, but we suggest avoiding them at all costs. 

Using A VPN To Access Foreign Casinos ⛔

Don’t use a VPN to access European casino sites if they’re blocked in the UK. It’s technically illegal and you’d need to use a foreign address to create an account. If you win, you won’t be able to verify your identity. 

Creating A Fake Name & Address ⛔

The same applies to this method; using fake names and addresses will only get you so far. Some sites have ways of knowing you’re faking your identity, but even if you get in there’s no hope in withdrawing money as you’ll fail the verification requirements. 

Paying For A Service To Cancel GamStop ⛔

If someone says they can cancel your GamStop exclusion for a fee, do not trust them. Nobody has the ability to do this; you’re being scammed. Follow the tips mentioned earlier and then wait until your exclusion is over before cancelling it properly. 

Our Parting Thoughts On How To Get Around Self-Exclusion

All in all, there are many solutions for how to stay away from GamStop restrictions as a self-excluding punter. The best and safest way is to explore non-GamStop casinos and betting operators. You will see hundreds of sites that aren’t part of GamStop and can legally operate without joining the program. These websites let any UK punter join, so you have a safe and trustworthy place to bet. 

If you choose to get around GamStop, we’d like to remind you to gamble responsibly. Know when to stop and set limits on your bets to avoid overspending. Gambling should always be a hobby and something you do for fun. When the fun stops, you need to stop. 

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Get Around GamStop

Is it possible to get past GamStop?

Yes, it is possible to get around GamStop and there are seven ways to do so. The best and most effective way of avoiding your self-exclusion restrictions is by joining casinos not on GamStop. They’re not linked to the scheme and offer safe gambling havens for self-excluding Brits.

Are you breaking the law by figuring out how to gamble when on GamStop?

No. Gambling outside GamStop is not against the law and you won’t break the terms of your self-exclusion agreement either. GamStop only stops you from using online betting sites registered in the UK. You’re free to join non-UK sites – it’s not against the law.

Can I get around GamStop by cancelling my self-exclusion?

No – it’s not possible to cancel GamStop while your self-exclusion is still running. You will need to join sites not blocked by GamStop until the time runs out. When your exclusion period ends, then you can cancel it and be free to join whichever sites you wish.

How long will it take for GamStop to run out?

This depends on how long you signed up for when you joined the scheme. The minimum exclusion period is 6 months, which is already a long time. Punters can also choose to be excluded for 12 months or 5 years.

Are these ways around GamStop 100% safe?

Yes. All of the ways around GamStop mentioned in this guide are 100% safe – apart from the tactics we tell you to avoid. As long as you don’t fake any information, use a VPN to access sites or pay for services related to cancelling GamStop, you will be safe.

What happens when my GamStop exclusion expires?

Your self-exclusion period will extend to a further 7 years when your initial GamStop exclusion expires. This will automatically happen unless you contact the scheme and request a cancellation. When this happens, your self-exclusion will officially be deactivated.

Where can I find safe non-GamStop casinos and betting sites?

You can find the safest and most reputable non-GamStop betting sites and casinos at We have countless guides and lists showcasing the best sites and why you should join them. Give them a read in your spare time to learn more.

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